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Two years ago, Aurora Public Schools engaged with a vendor to provide data visualizations of 90-day plans for all of more than 50 schools. As the district prepared to launch, administrators discovered numerous problems, which necessitated finding a different partner. With just four days, the district had to find and go live with another solution in order to comply with a state-mandated deadline!

Aurora's Chief Academic Officer and Director of Leadership Development had both talked to MIDAS Education on numerous occasions, and when faced with this tight deadline, they contacted MIDAS to see if they could help. MIDAS was able to extract all of Aurora's 90-day plan data from Google sheets that school administrators were comfortable using to input their data. MIDAS worked to analyze the data administrators had provided and then create a visualization, and district leadership was able to present the data to the school board on time. Aurora was able to depend on MIDAS to deliver when it mattered.

Since then, Aurora has used MIDAS’s Data Explorer tool to continue to report on 90-day plan progress as well as to look at teacher evaluation data and student survey data. There are always more types of data to analyze, and the district is working to do while building more internal capacity.

Aurora Public Schools partnered with MIDAS in this work because they can provide help at whatever level is needed–whether that is extracting data and building visualizations or teaching district leaders how to load their own data and build dashboards themselves. The MIDAS Data Explorer is both robust and easy to use, and the MIDAS team is always responsive and gets the job done.

Aurora Public Schools

Aurora Public Schools works with MIDAS to evaluate principal development programming and to analyze other data critical to district success.

Aurora Public Schools
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