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Deliver Equitable, Competency-Based Instruction.

To learners P-20 through workforce.

Educators at

the Helm

MIDAS Education consists of team members who have taught and coached for decades. We understand how to teach and learn, and our world-class technologists constantly invent new approaches to learning design.



Too many companies claim to "digitize learning" when all they've done is scanned textbooks to create PDFs. MIDAS Education consultants study our clients' workflows and adapt them to online environments while building internal capacity.



MIDAS regularly studies how to make learning better–meaning students understand concepts more thoroughly, grasp new material faster, apply knowledge to solve problems, think critically, and more–and implements solutions so all teachers can do so at scale.

Features & Benefits

MIDAS Does More

Than Build

Superior Technology

MIDAS Education

By Educators, for Educators

Our team of educators and technologists work every day to make learning more individualized and equitable. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

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With the Right Systems to Support Learning,
Great Things Can Happen

Competency-based learning means not giving up on any learner–ever. As any teacher knows, just because you taught doesn't mean they learned.


If a learner doesn't respond to three different presentations of the concept, perhaps a fourth is in order.


Structured competency-based learning allows all learners to move at the pace and access the resources that are best for them.

Our teachers are saying, “Wow, we are learning so much.” But even more surprising is that the reviewers are learning a ton as well. They already know the content, but they’re saying, “I never thought about teaching it like that. I wish I had thought of that.” I have my reviewers reaching out to earners saying, “This lesson that you implemented … Can I borrow this from you?” So, we actually are seeing a lot of growth not just from our teachers, but our reviewers are growing like mad as well.

Dr. Laurel Ballard

State Director of Digital Learning and Innovation

Wyoming Department of Education

We’ve always had to just cross our fingers and hope that teachers are able to go back and enact [professional learning] in their practice. The key difference with MIDAS microcredentials is that they are earned–not based on seat-time–but by submitting evidence demonstrating that an educator uses that skill successfully and consistently in his or her practice for the benefit of students.

Daron Kennett

Director of Professional Learning

Davis School District, Utah

USBE and MIDAS partnered to deliver an end-to-end solution for professional development management, including submission, approval, search, registration, and transcripting. Educators have completed more than 600,000 PD sessions since 2017.

Rick Gaisford

Educational Technology Specialist

Utah State Board of Education


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A Better Way to Learn

MIDAS works with our partners to not only provide technological solutions but also to understand your needs, your culture, and your values so we can implement a solution that works for you.


We Solve the Hardest Problems

in Education

We know that sounds audacious, but we've helped large- and small-scale educational organizations succeed by implementing best-in-class software solutions combined with expertise in technology, instructional design, and systems-change approaches.

MIDAS Education uses a consultative approach designed to build the capacity of your team and harness the power of data. Select a problem below to learn about our solution.

Adopt Competency-

Based Learning


of what learners know and can do

Enable Credit Recovery

Facilitate Acceleration

Increase Learner Agency

Leverage Data in

Pursuit of Equity


to achieve strategic goals

Integrate Multiple Systems

Determine ROI

Uncover Inequities


High-Quality PD


to measurably impact learning

Register for PD

Maintain Transcripts

Track Compliance

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