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Robust Analytics

It's never been easier to explore your data — with the Multi-Dimensional Data Explorer (MDDE), simply touch your data to filter it. Charts automatically interact to highlight important relationships.

Meaningful Educator Growth

Implement meaningful mentorship and growth plans, supported by comprehensive professional development, and watch your entire organization climb to new heights.


Robust Analytics and Data Exploration

MIDAS Education has developed a state-of-the-art data visualization and reporting tool: the Multi- Dimensional Data Explorer (MDDE). The MDDE is the most interactive data dashboarding and early warning solution on the market today and requires no technical or data science expertise.

Educator Growth and Professional Development

Too often, teacher evaluation programs can become competitive and punitive. MIDAS has developed tools and programs to support educator growth, mentoring, and job-embedded professional development.

Education Enterprise Management

Teachers have more to do than ever before, and they can't be asked to log into numerous siloed data systems to get the information they need to be effective. MIDAS's integrated platform consolidates instructional data in one place so everyone can access information when, where, and how it is needed to support each child.

Educators have enough to do.
MIDAS simplifies education workflows so teachers can get back to teaching.


Built on the newest Web frameworks, including HTML5 and React, MIDAS adapts to any screen size.


Optimized code and single-page applications deliver a seamless user experience.


Data is encrypted via HTTPS and stored in Amazon Web Services Aurora infrastructure, where it is unreachable from the public Internet.

Easy to Use

Designed by teachers, for teachers, MIDAS is intuitive for end users. Robust training ensures successful implementation, and on-going support keeps everyone moving forward.


MIDAS researchers have spent more than 40,000 hours developing the platform; all modules are designed using extensive feedback from teachers, administrators, and support staff.


Users control the communications they receive, so messages -- announcements regarding coursework, educator growth reminders, or alerts for grades, attendance, and behavior -- are meaningful.


MIDAS works alongside existing systems, receiving or sending data as often as necessary for a near real-time experience.


Hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, MIDAS can scale real-time, on-demand -- both horizontally and vertically.


Numerous options in each module give individual schools the power to control their experience.

User Experience is Key

MIDAS developers are first and foremost educators. They design and program with teachers in mind, and our expert trainers ensure successful implementations.
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Simple Configurations for Every School's Needs

Every school is different. MIDAS's research scientists and education consultants help you select the features and create an implementation and training plan to fit the needs of your staff and students.

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