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Student Information System (SIS)

Rarely do teachers say they like their SIS. We know. We're teachers. And we've designed something better. No more logging into the SIS for grades and attendance, the LMS to post coursework for students, the assessment system to run performance analysis, the SPED system to check for IEP updates, and the Web site to post a message for parents. With MIDAS—MASSIVELY INTEGRATED DATA ANALYTICS SYSTEM—everything is finally in one place.

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Context Specific Information

What Makes MIDAS Different?

Context-Specific Information

We believe educators should have information when, where, and how they need it in as few clicks as possible. Each MIDAS module includes all relevant information without having to go elsewhere. For instance, teachers can access a student's counselor, schedule, guardian contact information, and alerts without ever leaving the attendance module.

Steamlined Workflows

Tired of posting assignments multiple times? When teachers post an assignment in MIDAS, it appears in all relevant course sections on the syllabus, in the grade book, on the calendar, in Google Drive, and is distributed via email and/or text. MIDAS's "classroom" view is built on the understanding that teachers grade and perform other tasks for multiple sections at once, and our tools support those workflows.

Compliance, Automated

Pushing papers keeps teachers from doing what they do best—helping students. MIDAS automates mundane tasks, like reporting, so teachers can get back to teaching.

Integrated Communication

MIDAS integrates communication into everything a teacher does—from posting work to sending announcements, from logging conversations with guardians to automatically alerting selected individuals when grades, attendance, or behavior trigger specified thresholds.