Serivce Hours Monitoring

Service is an important part of many students' educational plans, and helping them select and complete meaningful service matters.

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Logging & Reflection

While many students serve their communities, few have comprehensive records that can help them when applying for recognition (scholarships, honor societies, etc.) or to post-secondary programs. MIDAS makes it easy for students to not only log hours but also provide detailed descriptions and reflections.


At school discretion, students can log service hours with or without approval from a staff member. When approval is required, MIDAS manages the workflow, automatically notifying the approver (activity adviser, coach, case manager, counselor, etc.) and making it easy for that user to sign off in his or her MIDAS account. Students can even select different approvers for different types of service.

Incorporated with Requirements

When service hours are required for graduation or an alternative certification, MIDAS's service hours log integrates seamlessly with requirements calculations—it "just works"!