Professional Development Management / Licensure

MIDAS Professional Development Management / Licensure System consolidates all of a district's or state's professional learning systems into one.

MIDAS currently holds the statewide professional development management contract with the Utah State Board of Education.

School systems use MIDAS to:

Approve professional development offerings

By requiring offerors to detail how their offerings meet professional learning standards and apply for approval from specialists, districts and states can ensure consistent quality in professional development offerings.

Evaluate Professional Development Program Efficacy

After professional development programs have been deployed, districts and states can compare staff and student outcomes for those educators who engaged in the programs versus those who did not, helping them to make better decisions regarding resouce allocation.

Generate Analytics and Reports

MIDAS tracks numerous metrics, so program administrators can easily determine how many offerings and registrations have occurred, how many credits have been awarded, and how many stipends have been paid.

Administer Offerings

MIDAS supports administrator and instructor workflows, providing tools to run conferences and classes, like nametag and table tent generators, dietary restriction lists, class rosters, content delivery, and easy participant notification.

Monitor Educator Licensure/Certification

MIDAS tracks which licenses educators have and when they expire. Educators are alerts when they need to earn additional credits or renew licenses, and MIDAS facilitates educators' applications for endorsements.

Professional Development Course Catalog
Professional Development Transcript

Educators use MIDAS to:

Search for courses / professional learning opportunities

Educators can search the catalog of offerings by credit type, subject area, offeror, activity type, or keyword.

Register for opportunities

When educators find opportunities, they can simply select which dates and times to attend, add opportunities to their carts, and check out.

Receive credits / clock hours / points

Administrators can award credit or relicensure points to educators who successfully complete offerings.

Take courses online

MIDAS's professional learning management system allows instructors to deliver course content online.

Print transcripts

Educators can always see the opportunities they've taken and the credit they've earned by referring to their professional learning transcripts. Educators can print their transcripts to apply for relicensure, endorsements, and lane changes.