Multi-Dimensional Data Explorer (MDDE)

The MIDAS Multi-Dimensional Data Explorer (MDDE) is the ultimate in user-friendly, next-generation data visualization for educators. Data scientists and statisticians play an important role, but educators need to be able to access and analyze their information in real-time without expertise in technology or data science. Only then can they make adjustments to help students learn—not next year—but NOW!

CTE Pathways

Create, Save, and Share Dashboards

With proper permissions, users can “ask questions” of their own data and then save dashboards and filters to use again and again. Shared dashboards automatically adjust to display only the data each user is authorized to see!

Monitor “Thresholds”

Set custom alerts on thresholds; when triggered, receive a text or email notification (early-warning indicators).

Monitor Expenditures / Allocate Resources

By ingesting data from financial systems, MIDAS allows users to evaluate the effectiveness of expenditures on specific programs or curricular resources, based on their impact on student performance.

Evaluate Return on Investment

By monitoring impact and efficacy, education leaders can focus resources to better evaluate when, where, and how much money should be allocated to each program.


MIDAS takes data security and privacy seriously. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), MIDAS uses the same security protocols utilized by banks, medical/research institutions, and the federal government.