Master Scheduling

Have you ever built a master schedule by pasting sticky notes to the wall? We have.

We've painstakingly distilled the best sticky-note practices into an automated computer algorithm. Our proprietary approach to scheduling returns legal, optimized master schedules that satisfy greater than 95% of student requests on the first run.

Easy Walk-In Scheduling

Powerful layout tools make it easy to see gaps in a student's schedule and how to fill them.

Seamless Student Requests

Counselors frequently meet with students to help them select classes and repeat the same basic recommendations over and over. MIDAS automates course recommendations based on graduation requirements, prerequisites, scope-and-sequence, students' multi-year plans, and teacher recommendations. Students get a starting point while their selections are still subject to parent and counselor approval.

Best-of-Breed Automated Scheduling

Our scheduling set-up tools identify conflicts before automated scheduling begins, ensuring pristine data inputs and resulting in exceptional data outputs. Our proprietary algorithm mimics the approaches taken by the best human schedulers but does so with exponential efficiency and the ability to exhaustively explore every possible combination to achieve extraordinary results.