Learning Management System (LMS)

MIDAS's Education Enterprise Management (EEM) approach integrates and connects all instructional systems automatically. Assignments, grades, announcements, calendars, and other functions all update with a single click. Create something in one place and it shows up in every other place it is needed and sends notifications—without duplication of effort.

Do Work Once

In MIDAS, learning management functionality is an integral part of each teacher's daily workflow, not a separate system. When a teacher adds an assignment to his or her grade book, it automatically appears on the class page, and vice versa.


MIDAS's class pages are calendar aware. When students miss class, they can easily see exactly what they missed on that day.

Online Assignment Collection

MIDAS integrates seamlessly with Google Apps for Education, allowing educators to collect student work via their district-provisioned Google Drive accounts. MIDAS creates folders to keep everything organized, manages permissions, and enforces submission deadlines.

Distribute Resources

No matter what the resource—document, video, link, or class poll/discussion—MIDAS provides a means to distribute learning objects to students.

Class Page