Educator Observations

Educator observations are about growth and coaching, and therefore must be meaningful, timely, relevant, and cooperative. Observation schedules must not only serve the teachers being observed but also the administrators doing the observing.

Observation Template
Educator Growth Progress

Configurable observation templatesFocus on What's Important.

Administrators have a lot to do. MIDAS allows districts to configure observation templates that are aligned to district professional standards and that tell them what to pay attention to to make the job easier.

Calendar-embedded schedulingDue Dates and Reminders.

MIDAS automatically posts professional learning targets—like professional development offerings, conferences, and observations—to users' Google calendars, keeping everyone on track.

Administrator tracking and analyticsWhole Campus At-A-Glance

Administrators have to ensure that everyone on their campus is being observed regularly. MIDAS provides reporting to make sure no one is missed.

Video-enhanced coachingObservations—Asynchronously

Sometimes scheduling is impossible; when it is, administrators can observe and coach educators asynchronously. MIDAS provides the tools to tag videos at specific timestamps so administrators can document practices that need attention or merit commendation.

Professional Learning Community Input and MentoringMore Than Evaluation.

When professional learning communities commit to observing each other and sharing best practices, everyone gets better. MIDAS supports PLCs by making it easy to share and comment on each others' videos and other artifacts.

District-wide Monitoring and AnalyticsInsights for District Administrators

Administrators can tell a lot by looking at differences across campuses. By seeing the whole district globally, administrators can make better decisions about where to allocate resources and how to provide increased support for program implementation and growth where it is most needed.