Educator Growth Plans

"Teacher Evaluation" is a term that educators have come to see as punitive and competitive rather than accountable and collaborative. At MIDAS, we believe that teachers are professionals, and thus, they require mentoring, growth opportunities, and job-embedded professional development.


Districts can create and develop custom educator growth plans for staff in various positions and different lengths of service.


MIDAS makes developing, assigning, and monitoring plans simple; each step provides a variety of settings to guide educators.


Growth plans cans be adjusted or amended as needed, including individualizing plans by educator.


Growth plans can be developed for all levels of teachers, administrators, and support staff in any district. Plans can address and contain numerous types of interactions, feedback, and evidence collection.


MIDAS gathers data to inform individual users and district administrators, so everyone can stay on track, monitor continuous professional growth year over year, and plan professional learning opportunities that address educators' needs.


MIDAS allows districts to select any professional learning framework and standards, whether those frameworks were created by the state, district, or another entity. Districts can create and assign different rubrics, by role, for whichever professional learning standards they select or create.