Custom & Scheduled Reporting

Rather than create a whole bunch of static, rigid reports and report cards, MIDAS believes in creating report builders—that is, we help you configure your reports EXACTLY the way you want them.

Pick Your Users

Easily select which users (or other entities like classes or attendance records) to report on.

Pick Your Fields

Then select which fields to include in your report.

Pick Your Layout

Finally, decide what your report should look like by choosing how to order report sections and selecting some design elements.

Pick Your Frequency—Automatic Delivery

Once created, any report can be saved, named, reused, and scheduled. Educators can set reports to be automatically sent to parents, students, staff, or any other authorized end users.

Imagine automatically sending:

■  Progress reports to parents
■  Attendance reports to administrators
■  Behavior “triggers” to counselors
■  Assessment data to teachers and administrators

Report Card Builder