Behavior / PBIS Monitoring

Positive or negative—schools expend significant effort to monitor behavior incidents and consequences, communicate details with parents and guardians, and comply with state reporting requirements. MIDAS streamlines these workflows and makes behavior data actionable, via incorporation into intervention and analytics modules.

Fully Configurable

Define your own incidents, whether positive or negative. Associate consequences and optionally enable automatic consequence triggers. Simplify teacher workflows, requiring just three fields for minor incidents and more detail for major incidents. Configure visibility and notification options for students and parents.

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Positive Reinforcement

PBIS can significantly improve a school's climate -- use our PBIS module to ensure that students are recognized and parents are informed when students do things right!


Compliance Monitoring

State reporting for behavior incidents can be complicated. MIDAS major incident reporting incorporates all state-required fields, including offender, victim, witness, and reporter details, image upload, costs associated, police action, school actions taken, weaponry, drugs, aggravating circumstances, and much more.

Offender Details