Automated Data Transfer (ADT)

Data interoperability is an important concept in education today and as such, huge entities have spent millions of dollars telling educators how to structure data files so “everyone can talk together”. In theory, this is a great idea, but in practice, it shuts out most small districts and technology companies due to the cost of learning and implementing a “new standard language.”

One Language To Rule Them All?

MIDAS's ADT interoperability service eliminates the need and the cost associated with global standards, while working within their frameworks to enhance the data interoperability experience for each end user.

Think of it as a translation service much like those used at the United Nations—if everyone speaks English, great, no problem. But what if one speaks French and another Japanese? Translators ensure that everyone can talk together without the need to learn each other's languages. MIDAS does the same thing for data systems that translators do for people.

Automated Data Transfer