Attendance is anything but simple. MIDAS understands and designs for schools that employ numerous calendars, marks, rules, and triggers. Context-specific information makes it easy for teachers to find what they need while robust reporting keeps everyone else informed.

Context-Specific Information
Attendance Calendar

Context-Specific Information.When, Where, and How You Need It.

When a teacher is taking attendance and finds a student missing, the last thing s/he wants to do is to leave the attendance screen and go to the student's portal page to find out which class the student is coming from, who the student's counselor is, or if there are any special education or health alerts. MIDAS provides this information when, where, and how the teacher needs it -- with just one click!

Visualizations.Attendance Patterns At A Glance.

Ever wondered if a student is consistently missing the same day of the week or the same period of the day? With MIDAS's calendar-based attendance visualizations, it's easy to identify attendance patterns that may otherwise be missed.

Attendance Trigger Set-Up

Easy Data Entry.Fewer Clicks.

Trying to take attendance with so many demands at the start of each class is challenging. MIDAS makes it as simple as possible with bulk operations so teachers can assign a common mark to many students at once with as few clicks as possible.

Triggers.Alerts And Reports When You Need Them.

No need to check attendance. Triggers allow users to set criteria and receive notifications whenever those criteria are met. Need to comply with a legal requirement to send home a letter when a student misses a certain number of days? Automate it. Wondering about athletic eligibility? Set triggers to notify students, parents, and coaches when poor attendance results in probation or suspension from play. Need to send attendance reports to extra-district organizations? Schedule it.