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EdTechDigest – Cool Tool

EdTechDigest – Cool Tool

Here’s one system where you can use one log-in to handle all of your teaching and learning needs. Call it an “EEM” (Education Enterprise Management) solution, MIDAS does not make a district’s disparate systems “talk” together; it replaces them all with one system built on Amazon Web Services.

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Tech & Learning Reviews MIDAS

ipad01 011 Quality and Effectiveness: The MIDAS Data Analytics System, which saves and presents data in one place, is the kind of innovative product that many districts have been seeking. All stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, administrators, and support personnel) learn one system and have access to a single interface—wherever they’re working. MIDAS manages everything from curriculum and reporting to bus schedules, IT inventories, and food services.

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Edtech Aims to Save Time, Combine Resources

ipad01 011 Technology has made it easier to track student achievements and development but in most cases, has not streamlined that data in the best way possible. Even digital systems often overlap with each other and require the same data to be entered more than once.

Just this week, MIDAS Education released its EEM (Education Enterprise Management) solution intended to bring all student data together in one spot. EEM is an edtech-wide movement that favors integration of information systems, rather than having a need for separate ones. Customized instruction is the aim of the MIDAS system that gives real-time access to teachers, parents, students and administrators through a user-friendly Web interface.

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Consolidating Your Software Systems

eem_image When James Kapptie was hired as Director of Instructional Technology in Park County Schools in Cody, Wyoming, he was tasked with finding a way to coordinate all of the district’s important teaching and learning systems and instructional data in one secure, safe place. “I wanted our student information, assessments, curriculum, dashboards, standards—everything that involves teaching and learning—in a single, simple system,” Kapptie said. “The more I looked, the more I realized that what I was searching for didn’t yet exist in K-12 education.”

What James finally found was a concept called education enterprise management (EEM). EEM is the idea that teachers, administrators, parents, and other stakeholders who need information can securely get what they need to see, when they need to see it, and how they want to access it. EEM is a solution to an ongoing ed tech problem: Few systems “talk” to each other, and teachers are asked to use multiple systems with different user interfaces and multiple log-ins. As a result, teachers actually use only the one or two systems that are required for compliance.

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