Education Enterprise Management

Breaking down information silos

A typical district uses dozens of different software systems for teaching, learning, strategic planning, and day-to-day operations. Information and resources don’t move freely and most systems don’t integrate or interact with each other. This makes it harder than it should be for educators to work together to move the needle on student performance, manage costs and improve efficiency.

Education Enterprise Management (EEM) moves data from a hodgepodge of disconnected and fragmented systems into a centralized and interrelated system for quick and informed decision-making.

The MIDAS approach to Education Enterprise Management

MIDAS is the only true EEM system on the market. MIDAS stores all of a district’s data and resources in a single secure database. So, whether it’s curriculum, assessments, behavior management, professional development, food services, or course scheduling, information is easily retrieved and easily put to use.

With MIDAS EEM, districts:

Reduce costs associated with maintaining and integrating multiple software systems throughout the district.

Automate many laborious administrative tasks, reducing errors and saving time.

Electronically manage learning resources so that everyone in the district has access to high quality materials for individualized instruction.

Streamline communication among all stakeholders so that everyone is informed and involved.

Strategically use data to truly individualize instruction, enhance learning, and improve student achievement.

Seeing is believing

MIDAS can do everything all those different systems you’re using now can do. Let us show you.

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