Simplify Day-to-day operations and data-driven decision making

There are a lot of moving parts within a district and most require software to execute and manage. It costs your district precious time and money to license and maintain multiple systems, train and support users, and deal with complex integrations.

MIDAS centralizes information and resources into a single database, accessed through a single intuitive interface so that everyone can work together to drive efficiency and performance.


Rather than jumping between software systems for each task, administrators can rely on one system to set standards, distribute curriculum, and easily access all the data they need for strategic planning, scheduling, budgeting, and more.

IT Staff

MIDAS saves IT personnel time installing, maintaining, and training users on different programs.


Everything teachers need to manage their classrooms, plan their lessons, communicate with students and parents, and complete their own professional development is available within MIDAS.


Students can access their assignments and course materials, create ePortfolios, track graduation progress, and communicate with other students and parents without every logging out of MIDAS.


MIDAS is where parents can quickly find schedules, grades, notes from teachers, and homework assignments for all of their children, no matter if they’re in different grades or schools.

Dive deeper

MIDAS is used throughout the day for everything from attendance and behavior management to scheduling and professional development. Take a closer look at how MIDAS is used by each stakeholder in the district.